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oaxaca Birding with roque

Birding with Roque Antonio Santiago

Roque is an experienced birder & naturalist guide, who has organized & led many nature & cultural tours, originaly from Oaxaca his interest in bird & knowledge of his home country is unrivalled, there is nobody with better knowledge of where to find the specialties of the area.

My name is Roque Antonio Santiago, I will be guiding you on your personalized birding & cultural tour in Oaxaca, the birdiest state in Mexico. Come with us to discover the incredibly rich avifauna & experience this country´s diverse natural history.

Tours & Destination

The Mexican state of Oaxaca supports an avifauna of more 700 species. This high total is a reflection of the state´ s geographic position and great diversity of habitats. Oaxaca encompasses portions of both drainage slopes and elevations from sea level 11,138 ft. It includes the southernmost extension of Mexican tableland and thus represents the limits of breeding and wintering distributions for many northern birds, especially those inhabiting pine-oak forest or arid subtropical scrub, whereas the Sierra Madre de Chiapas is the northernmost locality for a number of Central American species.

The Sierras de Miahuatlán and Yucuyacua are isolated ranges that have given rise to at least one species and several races and harbor other forms endemic to western Mexico. The low Isthmus of Tehuantepec is a major barrier to highland species, an important corridor for contact betweenthe breeding birds of the Atlantic and Pacific lowlands, and an avenue for migrants moving between North and South America. The Atlantic and Pacific lowlands support the large avifaunas of tropical evergreen and tropical deciduous forests, respectively, and are important wintering areas for North American migrants. The Pacific Ocean adds a pelagic element, and the coast provides the mangrove swamps, mud flats, and open shallow waters used by many other aquatic birds.

Oaxaca Valley

This rich area of interesting landscape with its surrounding mountains holds some of the most interesting species found nowhere else including, Beautiful & Dusky Hummingbird, Pileated Flycatcher, Ocellated Thrasher, Slaty & Dwarf Vireo, Oaxaca & Bridled Sparrow.

The Cloud Forest

Crossing Sierra Juarez, this rich pine/oak forest holds great number of species including, Bumblebee Hummingbird, Dwarf Jay, Aztec Thrush, Chestnut-sided Shrike Vireo, Red Warbler & Collared Towhee from high elevation cloud forest, dropping to the tropical evergreen forest of Atlantic slope, we go through areas of highest bird density appreciating some of the best birds found nowhere else including, Long Tailed Wood partridge, Rufous Breasted Spinetail, Azure hooded jay, Sumichrast´s Wren, Blue Crowned Chlorophonia & Yellow Tailed Oriole.

Sierra Sur

Found on the pacific slope of Oaxaca, this large tropical semi-decidous forest holds amazing numbers of species including, Great Swallow tailed Swift, Mexican Hermit, Blue capped, Cinnamon-Sided & Green Fronted Hummingbird, Wagler´s Toucanet, Grey Crowned Woodpecker, White throated Jay.

The Pacific Coastal Low Lands

Rivers draining the adjacent mountains form bays & lagoons, providing excellent habitat for species including, Double day´s Hummingbird, Citroline Trogon, Russet Crowned Motmot, Golden Cheeked Woodpecker, & Red Breasted Chat.

The Isthmus Of Tehuantepec & Stretching Into Chiapas

A natural Barrier & the shortest distance between oceans holding numerous of localized endemics including Pacific Parakeet, Lesser Ground Cuckoo, Pacific Screech Owl, Giant Wren, Orange Breasted & Rositas Bunting, Ruddy breasted Seedeater, Sumichrast´s Sparrow.

Our company

Is dedicated to personal birding & cultural tours throughout this amazing state of Oaxaca. We have been offering to our guests the best of Oaxaca Birding. We specialize in customized birding & cultural tours, for individuals & small groups, our emphasis is on professionalism, reliability & personal attention. All of our program is available throughout the year and is flexible to accommodate your special needs. We will do our utmost to provide your with the necessary service to make your holiday a supreme birding experience. All in good health, regardless of age, can participate in Oaxaca Birding & Cultural tours will offer you some of the worlds finest birding experiences.

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Zaragoza #27, Teotitlan del Valle | Oaxaca, Mexico, C.P 70420 

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